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You are a lone archaeologist who has just discovered the resting place of a long lost pirate treasure fleet!

Over two hundred years ago the notorious pirate queen Ching Shih lost an armada of junks laden with gold, jewels, and artifacts in a ferocious storm in the South China Sea. The remains of her Red Flag treasure fleet now rests near a mysterious uncharted island and only you know about it.

Are you ready to unravel the mysteries hidden there and claim the treasure for yourself? Do you have what it takes to be a treasure hunter? Go find out!


  • Explore a beautiful tropical island and the surrounding ocean, snorkeling in the reefs or diving in the deeper waters.
  • Find ancient underwater ruins and sunken shipwrecks and search them for treasure and artifacts.
  • Watch your air supply, be careful how deep you go, and don't get bitten by the sharks, or you could start a frenzy!
  • Improve your treasure hunting prowess with each discovery, unlocking new equipment and upgrading abilities that allow you to swim faster, go deeper, and stay down longer.
  • Recover all of the fabled lost treasure while unraveling the history of the island, the pirates, and the mystery that lies beneath.
  • 18 equipment upgrades to unlock, 25 hidden locations to discover, and 400 treasures to recover!


A casual adventure game designed for virtual reality and presented as a miniature world with a third person perspective that is extremely immersive and very comfortable.

Your avatar appears about the size of a large coffee mug and you can inspect him and the miniature world he inhabits simply by looking around or leaning closer to see more details. He even turns and looks in the direction of your gaze.

The world surrounds you on all sides and feels like a living diorama. Enjoy wandering around and discovering lost ruins and hidden shipwrecks or simply relax and watch all the sea creatures.

Exploration and treasure hunting has never been more fun! Just watch out for those pesky sharks...


You MUST have an Oculus Rift CV1 and an XBOX One or 360 controller to play (keyboard/mouse is also supported but not recommended). 

Unzip the Lost Loot .zip archive anywhere you would like. It will create a folder with the game in it. Simply run the .exe executable.

  • The game requires a computer that meets the Oculus minimum specifications.
  • The game requires that the Oculus Runtime is configured to load games from Unknown Sources (sideloading). The toggle to switch this on is found in the Oculus Runtime window under Settings / General.
  • Anytime the game is running the quality setting can be adjusted. It is highly recommended that the quality be set low enough to keep the frame rate at a solid 90 fps. Use F3 to toggle the frame rate counter on and off while the game is running and check the frame rate you are getting. Use F1 and F2 to decrease/increase the quality while the game is running.

For details on how to play the game, such as controls, equipment or tips, see the instructions.


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Buy Now$4.99 USD or more

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in my opinion a VR game should be in firstperson to get the right feeling...